13 February 2011

Cooking in 2011

So the trend of cooking more at home continues :) Today I decided to find another way to use my new skillet! I learned this last week that buying an entire chicken is so much cheaper than buying parts of chickens. Ah...but how to cook a whole chicken. You'd think it take a lot more effort, but it was actually easier. I just rinsed it, rubbed it with spices in melted butter (on and under the skin), trimmed off some of the fat, thought of the time I used to know all the muscles and bones by name (and promptly banished that "schoolish" line of thinking from my mind), placed in my spankin new skillet w/ a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, and threw it in my oven (400F) for about 2 hours. I cooked the veggies separately b/c I like them crunchy...and then added them to the skillet at the end for presentation ^_^ Voila! Dinner is served! Of course not pictured is the obligatory green thing...green beans I microwaved in a prepackaged steam pack from the frozen food section.

I spent the rest of my evening drawing and swapping out cards!

Isn't Sunbonnet Sue cute? Drawing all these made me want to sew a quilt...but I should probably finish the 2 I have started before starting yet one more quilt!

Cats with Hearts.

Peace and Love, ya'll! It's back to the daily grind tomorrow - back to my world of dogs with chronic diarrhea, kidney failure, and other various and sundry disease. Hopefully I'll still have time to cook and paint this week :) God bless!
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RosA said...

OOOH, your cats with hearts are sooo cute!

Anna said...

Do you remember wearing a son bonnet? We bought you one when you were about 3 or 5 years.