16 January 2011

Sunday Happenings

So what did Chase and I do this Sunday?

We went birding...

Chase looking at the geese

As I was taking a picture of a mess someone made in my guest bedroom, the culprit popped into view to investigate. "Whatcha doing mom?"

I bought groceries for all of this week's meals. More on that later :) I really want to paint this picture though! You don't even want to know how many pictures of asparagus I have on my camera card right now (it took me a while to get the shot I wanted). :D

I bought a new 12" iron skillet. We're having Cajun Steak on Friday, and I read that it cooks better on an iron skillet than a regular no-stick one.

I daydreamed all day about my dream kitchen, and here's what I thought up: I love white cabinets w/ some of them having glass doors for displaying my turquoise and lime green dishes. The backsplash is of a variety of natural-earthy looking tiles (think of sand) with inlaid mosaics of pale blue and green glass tiles for a splash of color (but not too much!). The counters are either butcher board or bamboo, and the floors are hardwood (or something that looks like it). The walls will be a pale blue (or green). I'd love an oak kitchen table with one side having a built-in bench with storage underneath and the other having regular chairs. And LOTS of light. Stainless steel appliances including a double oven would be nice too :) Maybe someday, but for now I'm grateful to have my apartment kitchen.

Peace and Love, ya'll
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monkmey said...

The picture of Ruby is hilarious! She is such a funny little doggie.