30 January 2011

Settling In - Internal Medicine Elective

Today marks the 5th day into my Internal Medicine rotation. Although, I've been the busiest I've been since starting vet school, I'm enjoying almost every minute of it (well aside from the hours of S.O.A.P.s and paperwork). Everyday is full of learning - and not the sort of learning where you try to cram thousands of seemingly irrelevant facts into a tired, already full brain - the sort of learning where you think through disease processes and APPLY everything for the benefit of your patient. It's invigorating to actually try to use what you've learned to save a life. I'm early to rise and late to bed for the sake of my patients, but it's worth it to see the clinical signs and blood work improve little by little, day by day.

I have to say though, my ability to keep up with the housework has dwindled to next to nothing. "Poor" Chase has had to pick up almost all of the household chores (like taking the dogs out every morning b/c I leave before my dogs care to get out of bed) and cooking dinner. And as for art time...well, there's just no fitting it into my schedule.

Even though I'd say I'm happy right now, I'm still very impatient for the future to get here! I want a house so badly! Today's sermon at church was about waiting for God's time...I guess i didn't take to heart, because I'm still IMPATIENT!


K said...

a clean house and completed chores are over-rated. at least that is what i try to tell myself as the clutter takes over on a weekly basis. but i feel your pain as we are still trying to keep up with crazy schedules around here.

and "poor" chase will survive ;)

hang in there! :)

Anna said...

yep, i was the same way. always wanted a home... and eager to have a family. i think you should go ahead and try to find a house with a fence so you can just open the doors for the dogs to do their business!
love you and love the pictures!
Love to my great son-in-law!