14 January 2011

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I'm almost out of things to scrapbook! What will I do then? Maybe someone will send me pictures to scrapbook... *sigh*

Both of these are with the 8 Days A Week kit :) which I FINALLY bought with my last coupon for the Sweet Shoppe. I've wanted it since the day it came out. OH! The white coat was made by Kate Hadfield, but I altered it to say D.V.M. instead of doctor. :)

I can't believe I'm almost done with my second clinical rotation. So far the first two rotations have been easy going, but I'm ready for small animal stuff...Well I'm ready but terrified... My hours will be incredibly stressful and there's going to be a lot I don't know. BUT learning is why I'm here, and hard work and a good attitude will see me through (with of course God's help).

In other news, my brother left for Costa Rica today. I hope his time there is very education and enjoyable, but must of all...i hope he stays safe and healthy ^_^

News#2 Chase's job has been very stressful lately and he's in the process of transitioning to a new PhD project. Switching PhD projects 1.5 years into the thing isn't ideal. However, he actually got to have more input with this new project. I feel like the first was somewhat of a...."bricks with no straw" sort of ordeal. So over the past week, he has been diligently working on sales pitch of sorts for what he wants to do...and he presented it on Tuesday. What did his advisor think? *drumroll please* She LOVED it! I'm so proud of him and happy things are looking up for him. She said to get his materials ordered and start work ASAP :) This has been a tough experience for him, but I'm hopeful it'll all be for the best.

Love and Peace!
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