07 January 2011

MCP Project 52: Week 1 - Something Around the House

Just because I *clearly* do NOT have enough hobbies, read enough blogs, start enough projects, take enough photos..etc, I decided to join yet another weekly challenge... and that is MCP Project 52: Photo a Week. So look forward to a weekly photo of something completely random!

This week's theme was around the house. So of course I had to include Gary, who has the all important job in our household (ie apartment) of holding down the floor. Good job, Gary! Just for kicks and giggles (and in pursuit of creativity), I went for the double greyhound shot. Looking at my photo now..I wish I had moved the bowl from the left side as I find it distracting from the look I wanted to acheive. Oh well! I present to you....my first Project 52 submission :)

Peace and Love...and TGIF!!!!!

P.S. Please remember that GRAPES and RAISINS are toxic to dogs (as well as an assortment of other things). Just thought I'd put that out there just in case you didn't know. <3
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mamãe said...

A while ago when our puppies were still being crate trained and mostly lived in their crate, I caught my 1 year old with an oreo in her hand (and on her mouth) and thought she might have fed some to the dogs.

That night I had a nightmare that our lab pups died from chocolate. It was horrible. Honestly, I doubt oreos even have enough real chocolate to hurt a dog (although all the sugar and hydrogenated oil can't be good for them... or my toddler for that matter... hmm....) but it was a scary dream anyway.

On another note - I loved the picture. I agree with you about the bowl, because at first I was like "an out of focus picture of her dog on the floor? wth?" but then I realized that the focus was the dog statue, and I thought "what a clever shot!" :) Cute shot.

BTW, I read your blog religiously (I get it on Google reader and mostly read it on my phone, which is why I don't comment very often - but I DO read it. Every single post! :D )

Katie said...

I have nightmares about my dog getting into stuff too. She's so naughty!

I read your blog too :) Chase and I are super excited to someday foster kids. I can't wait to read about how your fostering goes (if it's ok to post that sort of thing..hmm dunno!).