05 January 2011

Draw! Sketch! Doodle! Weekly Challenge #1

I started a new blog (http://drawsketchdoodle.blogspot.com/) to challenge myself and whoever else wants to participate to improve drawing skills through a weekly assigment/challgenge. This week's challenge was to draw a shoe - any shoe! The shoe I chose is a very special shoe to me. I wore this shoe (and its mate) to my vet school interviews 3.5 years ago ^_^ So it's been with me through some important milestones :)

I used a regular old mechanical pencil for the pencil drawing and a micron pen for the other two sketches. My hubby says I shortened the shoe and maybe drew it a bit twisted ^_^ So there's room for improvement!

I would absolutely love it if you decided to take up the challenge this week and join me on my journey to learn how to draw.

Peace and love to you all! God Bless!
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