23 January 2011

Check-Up, Tune-up

I made this a week or two ago with Jen Barrette's New Year, New Me kit (at sweet shoppe, of course). So how am I doing on those goals? Well...I've been reading my bible ALMOST every night, and praying more. As for picking up after the dogs...it snowed 8 inches....it's cold. I suppose those are just excuses, so I need some improvement with that one. Training for running will begin in the spring. As for helping someone...we've helped a few people in small ways, but we'll have to be patient for the opportunity to help someone in a big way. As for the clean house, I don't even want to talk about it...one overnighter with a critical patient was enough to set me back for the whole week. Who feels like doing dishes or laundry after long night stuck with a "food animal" in critical condition? I'm definitely not wired for long nights like that - I got a massive fever blister of doom this week (and I blame the lack of sleep). Of course this week's assigment from Draw!Sketch! Doodle! is to draw your face using a mirror...I think I'll let my face heal before I draw it...but I digress..sort of. This brings me to the next goal - do something creative every day. Time seems to fly by so quickly, and this block has me so exhausted...I don't think I've quite done something creative every day. As for the remaining goals...those need some improvement too! *sigh* I just want more sleep! Tonight I have to check on a patient at 2am, but hopefully this is the last late night for awhile.

Peace and Love!
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