11 December 2010

Saturday Morning! Who Wants Clean House?

Random recent artwork:

Betta fish for my Colorful Betta Fish swap.

Greyhound Valentine!

Today is Saturday! It's a dreary, windy, cold day. Chase and I are sitting at the coffee table sipping our coffee and staring at the austere landscape out our back door. In a few minutes I'll start picking up my messy apartment. I just can't seem to get in the habit of keeping a neat house. How does one even go about developing that? Ah...how I envy the people who are born neat. Ok, ok..I know one goes about developing neatness...but it's so much work (answer: developing neat habits one at at time..and not sweating the small stuff). Chase and I have been a bit under the weather for the last couple of weeks, and I've let the apartment go. It doesn't help that our dishwasher doesn't get dishes clean, Ruby's favorite activity is tearing paper/napkins/tissues to shred all over the floor, and we're trying not to run the heat (so all my arts and crafts get moved to the common room). But today I'm going to whip it into shape! Hahaha....then maybe I'll start on developing some habits of neatness...but what first? Well I'm off to a mini-craft fair :) Maybe I'll come home and paint a bit!
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