05 December 2010

Clementine and James Herriot-like Adventures

Yesterday, Chase and I went to meet Clementine, the Chinese Crested/Beagle mix that Will and Lauren are adopting as a companion to Marcel (link on the sidebar). She is such a sweet cutey! I'm so happy she's going to a good home.

This past week, I started my Food Animal Rotation (I made an A in Pathology!!!) and started out on ambulatory service. Aside from marching out to farms in my bright pink boots (which always get a second look if not a comment from the client), I feel just like James Herriot! It's fun to work the cattle and try to figure out just exactly what the farmer is trying to say. Of course, I'm stil standing by my "never touch a cow again" promise once I'm out of vet school...but it is fun now!

Peace and Love.
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