28 November 2010

Just a normal day in November

Today is just your average November Sunday afternoon, but I thought I'd share some pictures just the same.

The dogs are peacefully snoozing.

General Iroh is zooming around his new tank. We felt sorry for him enduring the cold. After all the poor fellow is an ectotherm, and 55F is hardly a suitable ambient temperature for him. Anyway, I hope he perks up a bit with the new heater and bigger tank. I know 10 gallons and a water heater seem to be a bit much for one solitary betta fish, but Chase and I felt obligated to take care of the creature we bought.

We snapped this photo today. I wanted a Thanksgiving photo of the two of us, but we never got around to it. So here is our Sunday-after-Thanksgiving photo. :)
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mrb said...

Aww, doggies!

(I'm such a sucker.)