28 November 2010

Just a normal day in November

Today is just your average November Sunday afternoon, but I thought I'd share some pictures just the same.

The dogs are peacefully snoozing.

General Iroh is zooming around his new tank. We felt sorry for him enduring the cold. After all the poor fellow is an ectotherm, and 55F is hardly a suitable ambient temperature for him. Anyway, I hope he perks up a bit with the new heater and bigger tank. I know 10 gallons and a water heater seem to be a bit much for one solitary betta fish, but Chase and I felt obligated to take care of the creature we bought.

We snapped this photo today. I wanted a Thanksgiving photo of the two of us, but we never got around to it. So here is our Sunday-after-Thanksgiving photo. :)
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27 November 2010

Snow Buntings

Chase dragged me out of bed this morning in pursuit of this lovely little bird. We found 5 of them and they were kind enough to be still for a photo.

It's back to the daily grind tomorrow as I have finals on Monday and Tuesday... therefore I have to study tomorrow. I can't wait to start the next block! And I really, really don't want to study!!

Peace and Love!
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25 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

This Thanksgiving marked the first time Chase and I have celebrated this holiday apart from our families. We had fun, but both of us really missed our family. I've been itching to watch The Incredibles or Blindside all day...probably because they are movies about family. We had a lovely evening just the same. All of my friends came over, and we all worked together to make an excellent Thanksgiving day meal. I made the dressing/stuffing.

Chase helped me put up the tree!!

Beth and the turkey!

This is our fabulous meal (a huge meal for just 7 people). We had mashed potoatos, brocoli, cheesy potato casserole, cranberry salad, salad, dressing, bread, texas sheet cake, apple pie, and pumpkin pie! We also had an assortment of drinks, however I stuck to plain ole soda b/c I was on call. I came in second at a game of scrabble, and kicked some booty at Uno... Now Chase and I are sitting enjoying the peace of the evening...he's watching football, and I'm working on a take home toxicology test

and that's the whole evening!

I'm hopeful I won't get called for the rest of the night too! I enjoy sleeping so much :)
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22 November 2010

November looks like...

Here's a picture I snapped while Chase and I went hiking yesterday. It was such a beautiful evening with the last rays of sunlight softly filtering through the bare trees. Of course as soon as we got half a mile from the parking lot, I was called in to the [veterinary] necrospy lab. Although it's really disgusting sometimes, I've really enjoyed my time in Pathology. I can't believe it's almost over! It's been such a great reveiew of all the stuff I learned during the first two years of schoool :)

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17 November 2010

Holidaty Moose

Here's a recent design-a-moose ATC I did for a holiday moose themed swap. I scanned the other ones too, but my computer ate the file and I've already mailed them! In other news, you probably don't want to here about my adventures on the veterinary necropsy floor so I'll spare you from that. It's a macabre task, but I'm learning a lot!

Peace and love to you all! I'll try to put on a better update later! I have to work ICU tonight, and I've got a cold (BOOO).

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