21 October 2010

White Coat Ceremony

Over this past weekend, my darling husband got to present my white coat to me. White Coat Ceremony signifies the end of my class room learning...as one professor put it: "Now is the time you go from being a veterinary student to being a student of a veterinarian." Wednesday, the class of 2012 donned their white coats (or the appropriate attire for the block) and went in to their very first clinical rotation. My first rotation is pathology...the first day was entirely lecture, but we were done by 4. Today we practiced performing a diagnostic necropsy and examined deceased patients. It sounds like a rather macabre block to start on, but I chose it to be first because it's a great review of all species and organ systems...and what can go wrong in them! I've already learned a lot! The one part that I didn't like today...was learning that my boots LEAKED! NOT PLEASANT! So I exchanged them today for a bright pink pair that hopefully won't leak! I'm on call for ICU tonight... hopefully I won't get called :)

Here are some pictures from the weekend!

After the ceremony, my family all headed to Cooper's landing to have a Thai dinner while watching the sunset over the river. :) I'll have to get mom's pictures from her sometime.

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Phillip said...

White coat looks good on you.