02 October 2010

A New Home for Nestle

Chase and I decided to foster this little guy starting in late August. He had a series of potential owners turn him down...not beagle enough...not fuzzy enough...not as cute as his brothers. He's such a cute, sweet fellow I just couldn't figure out why nobody wanted him. Anyway, I sent out another email to all the veterinary students - this time with more of desperate undertone (because his running annoys my neighbors..the neighbors whose base vibrates my floors). Within the day, I recieved 3 emails from folks interested him. I interviewed the first one on Friday afternoon. This young man was looking for his first dog. It seemed like a good match to me :) Every vet student should have a pet during school! It's a large responsibility for a busy student, but getting to pet a LIVE animal everyday is worth it (especially for the poor first years who see only cadavers...).

I snapped this picture while we waited this morning for his new owner to pick him up this morning.

And here he is...with his new owner.

I'm so happy we were able to help such a cute little guy find a loving owner. Goodluck, Nestle, with your new home!

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