11 October 2010

God and the blubber bug

I don't know if any of you have experienced this, but today the "blubber bug" got me at bible study. During the prayer requests at the very end, we started all sharing that one person that is heavy on your heart to pray for. Probably 80% of the gals there had almost the same request. As I was talking about my person, I started crying and just couldn't stop even after someone brought me a tissue...and another girl started crying too. And I continued crying all the way home...and through my shower....and a long conversation with my mom. SO here it is. Is there a person in your life who doesn't believe in God? Every day, every moment we have is a gift ..not at all guaranteed. How do you know if when that person walks out the door..that you'll ever see them again? And the simple truth is...you might not see them again. So today my heart was broken for the unbelievers in my life and I couldn't stop crying. One girl mentioned how she lost her father unexpectedly, and how she regrets she never talked with him about Christ and what he believes. Anyway - pray for me that I may be bold for Christ. And if you have a person God's placed heavy on your heart, I'll pray for you too.

Peace and Love, y'all!

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monkmey said...

I'll be praying with you. Take heart, Mr. Darr confessed that he believed in Jesus not too far before he died and we were ALL shocked and happy.... Anna asked him, all us grown ups had quit thinking he would ever change. When your desires line up with God's, He will answer those prayers, in His time. Love you and your gentle spirit!