26 October 2010


Posting this Tuesday night instead since mornings are so crazy! Don't know what WOYWW is? Pop on over to the Stamping Ground blog and find out!

This week my desk is a proper mess. New things on my desk - family picture from my white coat ceremony (YEAH) and a new hot air balloon card that came in the mail (as a host gift). I finally, FINALLY got a card done that was 3 weeks overdue. It turned out ok so I hope its recipient likes it! I also finished another recipe card. Those little things are just too much fun to make!

Peace and love to all! God bless!

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21 October 2010

White Coat Ceremony

Over this past weekend, my darling husband got to present my white coat to me. White Coat Ceremony signifies the end of my class room learning...as one professor put it: "Now is the time you go from being a veterinary student to being a student of a veterinarian." Wednesday, the class of 2012 donned their white coats (or the appropriate attire for the block) and went in to their very first clinical rotation. My first rotation is pathology...the first day was entirely lecture, but we were done by 4. Today we practiced performing a diagnostic necropsy and examined deceased patients. It sounds like a rather macabre block to start on, but I chose it to be first because it's a great review of all species and organ systems...and what can go wrong in them! I've already learned a lot! The one part that I didn't like today...was learning that my boots LEAKED! NOT PLEASANT! So I exchanged them today for a bright pink pair that hopefully won't leak! I'm on call for ICU tonight... hopefully I won't get called :)

Here are some pictures from the weekend!

After the ceremony, my family all headed to Cooper's landing to have a Thai dinner while watching the sunset over the river. :) I'll have to get mom's pictures from her sometime.

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12 October 2010

Recent Scrapbooking

Lately I've been joining a church each month to scrapbook. Of course, I'm the only digital scrapbooker there and it sort of makes me giggle to see everyone toting in their growing collections of paper, gadgets, and whatnot...and then I just whip out my laptop. I look forward to it each month :) The conversation and company is good and creativity flows. So here are some layouts I've done recently. Ask me for more detailed credits if you want them (as usual it's almost all from the sweet shoppe).

Template by Cindy Schnieder, font by Darcy Baldwin, and kit is by Kristen Cronin-Barrow all over at the Sweet Shoppe.

Another Cindy Schnieder template, Darcy Baldwin Font, and kit by MLE Card and Clingerman (retired from Sweet Shoppe).

Take Flight collabe - Sweet Shoppe. Frames - Katie Pertiet

Font - Darcy Baldwin

Today was a pretty good day (ie..I was able to turn off the water works and have a normal day). I went to class, and paid attention well...ate lunch at school. I sprinted a mile (all I could fit in before sunrise), washed the linens on the guest bed, walked the dogs...and studied for the rest of the night :) And..as is my usual pre-test custom, I'm going to bed before 11 with the intention of waking up at 5:00 to study just a bit more. Mornings are acutally my prime study time ^_^ They are just so quiet and peaceful, and I enjoy drinking my coffee and watching the sun rise. LAST ROUND OF [multiple] FINALS EVER!!! I get to see my folks this weekend!!! Chase will present my white coat to me in just a few days!!! HAPPPPPYYYY!!!!!!

Thought of the day:

"Let all that you do be done in LOVE"
~1 Corinthians 16: 14

I'd love to hear what was on your mind today so leave a comment if you drop by :)

Peace and love to all of you, my dear friends.
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11 October 2010

God and the blubber bug

I don't know if any of you have experienced this, but today the "blubber bug" got me at bible study. During the prayer requests at the very end, we started all sharing that one person that is heavy on your heart to pray for. Probably 80% of the gals there had almost the same request. As I was talking about my person, I started crying and just couldn't stop even after someone brought me a tissue...and another girl started crying too. And I continued crying all the way home...and through my shower....and a long conversation with my mom. SO here it is. Is there a person in your life who doesn't believe in God? Every day, every moment we have is a gift ..not at all guaranteed. How do you know if when that person walks out the door..that you'll ever see them again? And the simple truth is...you might not see them again. So today my heart was broken for the unbelievers in my life and I couldn't stop crying. One girl mentioned how she lost her father unexpectedly, and how she regrets she never talked with him about Christ and what he believes. Anyway - pray for me that I may be bold for Christ. And if you have a person God's placed heavy on your heart, I'll pray for you too.

Peace and Love, y'all!

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09 October 2010

Fall Festival

Chase planned a trip to a nearby Pumpkin festival as a surpise this morning. There were tons of craft booths selling their wares and TONS of fair type food! Enjoy fall wherever you are!

FOUND ONE!!!!!! Yeah!!!

Awww... cute couple picture!

Potato tornado - an entire potato cut in a spiral and deep fried..then covered in seasoned salt! YUM!!!!!

And corn - grilled and then DIPPED in butter :)

Today when we got home, Chase got the fall decorations out of the closet. I gave Ruby a bath, and now we're sitting around watching TV (as soon as I finish this post, i'm going to start studying for last round of finals EVER).

Lately the parable of the ungrateful, unforgiving servant has been heavy on my mind... You know the one where the king forgave a servant a HUGE debt (Mat 18:21-35). Then the unforgiving servant went out and demanded another servant repay him a smaller debt. The unforgiving servant had the second servant put in jail. So the master placed the unforgiving servant in jail to be tortured until he could pay back his debt. Anyway, there was a debt I needed to forgive and let go, because I don't want to be like that servant. And with God's help, that chapter is finished and I'm moving on from it :) There's no day like today to forgive someone! Just remember this parable next time someone has wronged you or owes you :)

Peace and Love, y'all!
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07 October 2010

WOYWW...er T

Don't know what What's on Your Workspace Wendesday is? Check it out at Julia's blog.

I'm a day late, but here's my workspace!

I've been working on recipe cards lately so all my remaining scrapbooking supplies is out. :)

Storage Bin Exploration Week 1. Look I opened a bin for the snoopers! This one is full of scrap papers (lots of glittery, sparkly papers). Sorry I'm so late and probably won't make it to everyone this week ^_^ Finals are next week (LAST SET EVER, because clinical rotations start in 2 weeks and then it will only be 1 class/rotation at a time)

Peace and love to all!

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03 October 2010

Recipe card

Look! I made a recipe card :)

Now I have to go cook some stuff for tomorrow.

Peace y'all!
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02 October 2010

A New Home for Nestle

Chase and I decided to foster this little guy starting in late August. He had a series of potential owners turn him down...not beagle enough...not fuzzy enough...not as cute as his brothers. He's such a cute, sweet fellow I just couldn't figure out why nobody wanted him. Anyway, I sent out another email to all the veterinary students - this time with more of desperate undertone (because his running annoys my neighbors..the neighbors whose base vibrates my floors). Within the day, I recieved 3 emails from folks interested him. I interviewed the first one on Friday afternoon. This young man was looking for his first dog. It seemed like a good match to me :) Every vet student should have a pet during school! It's a large responsibility for a busy student, but getting to pet a LIVE animal everyday is worth it (especially for the poor first years who see only cadavers...).

I snapped this picture while we waited this morning for his new owner to pick him up this morning.

And here he is...with his new owner.

I'm so happy we were able to help such a cute little guy find a loving owner. Goodluck, Nestle, with your new home!

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