14 September 2010

Small Hound Meets Trees and Small Human

I was out going "potty" one day when I suddenly looked up. Did you know that trees grow over your head? So I jumped and I jumped to try to capture a leaf!

Walking is now my favorite part of the day! Isn't grass great? I think it's like "Facebook" for dogs - I get the scoop on all the locals!

Over the weekend, foster-mom took me to a fundraiser for Pets need People. I was on TV, but still no one wants me...Anyway, I discovered that people come in little sizes!! The little people smell different, and once I realized that this one was a little person...I licked him in the face (with his mom's permission)!! Baaaaoooo! It's so nice to have a face so close to lick.

It was such a busy day, I promptly dozed off in foster mom's lap on the way home.

As for life at home, I'm almost completely used to the pattern of living with my foster parents. I sleep the whole night through without a peep, and patiently wait in my crate for foster-mom to get my leash for the morning walk. Then all 3 of us dogs go potty outside. Foster-mom just gets so happy and pets me so much when I go potty outside, I guess it's worth holding it for! Then we go in and eat. Then I play for awhile with my favorite toy. Then I go in my crate and snuggle down on foster-mom's old t-shirts. Foster-mom comes back around 2 and we go outside for awhile. I play inside...I go back to sleep in my crate while mom stares at these things called books (are those toys?) or her computer screen (for hours)... This all repeats a couple more times (plus dinner) before bed time. Sometimes, I can't resist barking at some strange noises, but foster mom squirts me with water..so I'm learning to not bray at the neighbors... BAOOOO....
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monkmey said...

In the picture where the little guy is on the leash, he looks like he is prancing and laughing. That is a great picture. I will probably print that one off and see if we can get interest without the influence of the fuzzy brothers. He is so cute, someone will fall in love with him.

mrb said...

He is adorable! I keep sending his info to people...I can't believe that the bait hasn't been taken yet!

mrb said...

That's it. I'm letting the coonhound loose to track down a family for him. Once she trees them, I'll let you know.