03 September 2010

Small Hound Meets Big, Scary World: Dog Park Fail

Well, it's me again - the lovable beagle-mix who needs a home. Last night I rested wonderfully! I didn't feel the need to howl at foster-mom for putting me in a crate or anything. The crates not so bad..it's good for sleeping in. Anyway - when I woke up, foster-mom and the other 2 dogs all went on a nice walk in the beautiful morning sunlight. I like grass now! It has lots of good smells! Baaooo! After that we all came back and us dogs all took a nap!

Around lunch time, foster-mom put me and Ruby in the car. I'm not sure I like the car..after all I've only ever been in one on one other occasion! Well when we finally got to this "dog park" thing, we went in. Foster-mom let me go off leash! I was a little nervous about it... I was sniffing this humongous-darkish-flat-shiny surfaced-wet thing when all of a sudden a large dog (much larger than me) bounds up to me! In my surprise, I stumbled head first into the thing (mom called it a "pond"). I flailed my legs and gave the beagle-cry. Before I realized it, I had flailed my way into the middle of the pond. I thought I was going to die. I fought for my life! Suddenly something grabbed me, and I was so frightened, I snapped at it. But it carried me to dry land, and to my surprise it was foster-mom! She had saved me from the "pond." I stayed glued to her side for the rest of the time at the "dog park." It wasn't much fun, so we left really fast after that. I'm so relieved to be back in the apartment...I'm going right back to sleep!

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