19 September 2010

Hot Air Balloon Festival

As we were exiting the art museum, we noticed people spread out on picnic blankets all over the hillside, clearly waiting for something. So we asked a lady what was going on, and we found out that it was the day of the hot air balloon race! What a perfect end to our St. Louis outing! I LOVE hot air balloons.

The first balloon to rise was the massive energizer bunny. He landed not very far from wear he went up though... The first balloon of a hot air balloon race determines the target the other balloons aim for. The balloon that drops its sand bag closet to the target wins the "race." Yesterday's race was very short b/c there wasn't much of a carrying wind so the balloons landed at the first safe place. Luckily most of the other balloons stayed in the air much longer than the bunny.

Of course, Chase wasn't planning on the hot air balloon race when he planned this trip. Little to my knowledge, he had planned a surprise birthday party back at the apartment for 7pm. We ended up getting back at 9:10! I was 2 hours late for my own party! Lucky for me, we were able to get a hold of my friends in time to warn them to just come at 9. Half of them have a key to my apartment so they just let themselves in and didn't wait in the storm. So we ended the day with cake and icecream laughing about how stubborn I am..and how easily distracted I am by colorful, floating envelopes of hot air. Just for your information, the main bulk of a hot air balloon is called the envelope, the base of the envelope is called the skirt (it works like a sail and catches the wind), and of course the part you ride in is called the basket. The basket is generally made of wicker b/c it's light and sturdy and when the balloon lands, wicker is flexible enough that it cushions the impact of hitting the ground. Hot air balloons float based on the simple principle of hot air rises. The heated air in the envelope is less dense than the air outside...so it floats! They are really pretty amazing inventions, and I find them fascinating. I have hundreds of pictures of them now, but I can't post them all here :)

Isn't my husband awesome!? He planned a great day, and then was flexible enough to delay the party just so we could enjoy the balloons. My friends are awesome too for being so patient with me!

Peace and love! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME!!
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Traceyr said...

Happy belated birthday to you.

I too love balloons and am waiting to take my trip up in one! I have had two trips cancelled already - that is what comes of living in rainy ole England - haha.