13 September 2010

Enjoying Everyday Life

As September rolls in, the colors of fall begin to creep in as well. Chase and I go to a local nature preserve almost every weekend. This is also an opportune time to look for migrating species of birds. Eagle Bluffs never ceases to amaze me. This place inspires me to take time out of the busy week and admire the creativity of our God. How beautiful is this planet we're so blessed to inhabit. Even when the week is stressful and busy, there are always little reminders of His creativity and love for us - flowers on the side of the road, a beautiful sunset, the bray of a happy beagle finding something interesting (although my neighbors may disagree on that last one). Here are some pictures of our latest excursion to share with you.

Flowers on the side of the road.

green heron

Sunset with Blue Herons. Can you believe how many there? This was incredible beautiful live. The herons were constantly, slowly moving. Occationaly a new heron would fly in to join his companions.

This semester hasn't been bad so far. I've had my first 2 tests and I passed. Life has been pretty good since I added the word "no" to my vocabulary and learned to make good use of the delete button in my inbox. Do I want to join this club? no. Will I be an officer? no. Will I attend this lunch meeting to hear about your dog food? no. It's liberating. I refuse to be guilted into doing something that doesn't facilitate accomplishing my goals. What are my goals? I strive to always value and bless my husband and family, to become a good veterinarian for dogs and cats, to ENJOY living each day developing my creativity, and to let God be the cord that binds all aspects of my life together. In the past I've gotten distracted by "fun" clubs and unecessary responsibilities that I put on myself. So today...I'm saying no. I'm joyfully embracing the less than A+ GPA, and letting go of unreasonable and unhealthy expectations on myself. I enjoy cooking for Chase and keeping my apartment neat. I love painting and meeting new people through trading cards, and I love photographing every day life that we sometimes forget (or neglect) to notice. And you know what? There's nothing wrong with doing the things I enjoy! To celebrate the day (because it was beautiful), I planned 2 fulls meals with fresh veggies and fresh meat, and I bought myself flowers just so I could enjoy them in my kitchen window. So go do something that makes you happy today, and remember to thank God for all the many blessings (even the ones you pass bay without noticing) we recieve each day.

Peace and love to all of you! Roosevelt/Nestle will be updating soon :)

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monkmey said...

The photos were beautiful. I bet they were gorgeous in person. Chase sure is enjoying going there with you. He liked watching the bird feeder visitors when he was little. He could sit for hours and patiently watch them. He wanted to know what kind each bird was even back then.
It is also great that you learned so early that it is fine to say "no" to things that really have no bearing on your career or you and Chase. The world goes on just fine if you don't go listen to a dog food spiel.
Glad your classes are going so well. You will be a wonderful vet. Love and miss you both.

K said...

A very peaceful and inspiring post! Love the pics and very impressed that you seem to have a handle on the chaos (at least today ;). Great perspective!