30 August 2010

Small Hound Meets Big World

Hello Everybody!

My nickname is Nestle, but foster-mom says that probably won't be my forever name. I was born 7 months ago in a laboratory. My daddy carries a gene that causes a shaky disease....er....Barkingson's [Parkinson's] like disease (or something like that). Not sure why they call it Barkingson's - not sure what so bad about barking sons, but it must be bad.. Anyway, whatever it is the scientists said I don't have it nor did any of my 5 siblings - must be those fine beagle genes from my mama! So the scientists began the search for a forever home since they couldn't use me and they wanted the best thing for me. All my siblings have found their forever homes (see Will and Lauren's blog for my brother, Marcel's story. He's a Texas hound now!), but I'm still left...

Today was a crazy day. I thought the lab was all there was, but boy was I surprised. Today foster mom came. She's come to visit me a couple of times, and I always love her visits because I get to go out in the hall and PLAY!! Baoooooooo!!! Oh, here's a picture of me from June...

But when foster-mom came to see me today, she put this funny thing around my neck. She called it a "leash" but I think she must have meant leach... I don't care for it all that much. Then she picked me up and took me out of the lab! Did you know there's a whole world out there? And there's this stuff called "grass." It smells funny and it tickles my paws. I don't really like walking on it, but foster-mom promises me that someday I'll love grass.. What's so good about grass? After I met grass, foster-mom gave me a bath. She said I won the prize at most challenging to bathe...it was not fun, but winning a prize is good right?

This is me today! I'm a bit nervous in this picture. Foster-mom says I gained 10 pounds since my June..that makes me 26 pounds. Foster-mom says that I'm "pudgy." That means cute, right?

Foster-mom really likes me, and I determined to give this BIG world a chance, but right now everything is so new! If you know anyone at all that would like to be my forever-family, please tell foster mom. Although she loves me very much, she just can't keep me!
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15 August 2010


This weekend Chase and I visited Branson with my family. The only show we saw was Noah. The set was amazing and the trained animals were fun to watch.

We also played miniature golf at the Pirate course. Fun times!

Don't you love his pirate face?

My family is a huge blessing to me. I'm very grateful for all of them!
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