25 June 2010


Family and Friends, meet Marcel - our fur-nephew. We are his foster parents until we deliver him to his new parents - Will and Lauren. He has a great temperament. Gary and Ruby have been showing him the ropes of living in a home, and he's been a trooper. He's already gone potty outside twice (and not once inside). Of course my favorite Marcel moment today was nap time - he snuggled up for a 2 hour nap and didn't budge the entire time.

This Marcel when we went to go pick him up at the lab. He's a stinky little fellow!

Here he is after his bath! All clean, shiny, and silky smooth!

Chase and Marcel are already pals :)

However, it's been a busy day for Marcel - experiencing the outdoors for the first time - meeting new dogs...
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Anna said...

if they change their minds, I want him. He is just adorable!