07 June 2010

Found a Pony! (Can I keep it?)

And now for something strange...

Last weekend, Chase and I went to Eagle Bluffs to look for birds. Instead of our feathered friends, we found this little guy wandering the street. Of course, I wanted to put my Equine Science minor to work (and perhaps save an animal) so I caught the little fellow. Chase walked through the neighborhood and asked folks if they new someone missing a miniature horse. Finally he located the owners, and I walked the little guy home. How bizarre!

Sometime during the week, my over-excited-"I'm so glad you're finally home"-greyhound, Gary wagged his nearly 3 foot long tail too vigorously. I came home to discover my bland apartment walls had been redecorated Gary-style to resemble a red and white Dalmation. Yikes.... So I bandaged up his clearly broken, bloody tail. We went to the vet, and she shaved it for me, and we discussed amputation. We got home, and her bandaging fell off within 15 minutes. The poor guy had a couple of more bleeds, but as of today he's doing a lot better. It looks like Gary might get to keep his tail after all!

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