30 May 2010

Our porch garden

Chase and I planted many flowers in pots on our porch.

This is citronella :) It's supposed to repel mosquitos!

The tomato is doing quite well! We should have a nice harvest this summer :)

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26 May 2010

July can't come fast enough...

Here are some random layouts. Credits in my Sweet Shoppe Gallery.

School is school right now... I'm so ready for break! Because of my studies, I've had to miss a handful of weddings I wanted to go to. What a drag! Classes are going pretty well so far - I think I have my sterile techiniqe mostly mastered (although my technical surgery skills and suturing need improvement). I have a test in Equine medicine this Friday that I'm a bit worried about. Hind limb lameness still looks like a normal gait to me... or even worse I consistently choose the wrong leg!

Peace and love to all! Congrates to Leah and Gabes and also to Jonathon and Kristen! It's wonderful to have another girl in the family to help balance it out :) I miss everyone and I'm ready to come home for a visit!
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10 May 2010

Latest Layouts

I've been working on scrapping our honeymoon. Oh, did you notice the new layout and title? This is now OUR blog instead of just my blog :) Credits for the layouts are over at Sweet Shoppe or just ask!

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02 May 2010

Birding Adventures - Eagle Bluffs

Chase bought me a new camera lens so we went out to play with it this weekend. :)

I know they are common birds, but I really like the red winged black birds.

We ended up joining 2 moer vet students and two "Steves" One of which is the uncle to one of my high school buddies!

Favorite shot of the evening!
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