07 April 2010

Hope on the Horizon

Good news! 2 of my 4 exams next week have been moved to the following week! That will make next so much more manageable. I think my blood pressure went down just thinking about it (it was a bit high today when we measured it - that could have been the shots and blood draw).

I had blood work for my rabies titer drawn today. Apparently my veins are tiny - the lady was really embarrassed she had to stick me twice! Haha - the vet students that went before had no problems. I also got my tetanus and H1N1 vaccines today for a grand total of 2 pokes per arm!

Anyway, I'm hosting another swap at ATCsforAll called "How to Trade Your Dragon" It's full already and has a bunch of talented artists signed up! Yay! My first swap went really well - only 2 people (international folks) haven't received their returns yet, but those that have really love the cards they got!

Hopefully I'll have some pictures soon.

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