13 March 2010

Mini-Spring Break

The last couple of days have been a part of my "mini spring break" - time given off for vet students to attend a conference. Which of course, nobody decided to go to! Who wants to go to more lectures when we've been given a small break from them! AND we'd have to pay for a hotel..pay for the conference...pay for gas to get there! You could not pay me to go to more lectures! So what did I spend my free time doing? All the artwork I could, cleaning, lots of online Netflix movies, and a couple of jogs! One could argue I should have spent more time jogging, but hey... happiness is not the same thing as being skinny!

So here's some artwork...

This is for the Outrageous Hats swap ^_^

These are all mermaids I've done over the last week. The one that looks like Ariel is for an 8-year old girl I'm trading with ^_^ I hope she likes it!

I've been asked a couple of times "How's married life?" Well it's been pretty good!

Chase has been working on his car. He cleaned out an gas efficiency thingy... but as he was putting it back on a bolt broken off in the underside of the car! He's still figuring out what to do about that.

Hehe...we've been trying to cook more dinners at home. Today we had a well-balanced, nutritious meal of sausage, mac-and-cheese, and black eyed peas. Yesterday I got a haircut and got my brows waxed :) It's amazing how refreshed a new haircut can make you feel! Anyway...It's been a pretty good week, and I definitely don't want Monday to get here! The only thing that could have made this weekned even better was if I could have seen my friends back in AR too! Having one functional car means I have to stay here, because Chase needs the car to go to work.

God Bless!

I miss you Megann and Brooke! *hugs* Love you, mean it!
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