24 February 2010

Whimsy and Mermaids

I've been doing a lot of sketching and doodling to try to improve my drawing skills. I think I've improved quite a bit at drawing figures from different angles. It's been a lot of fun! I can see improvement! I guess practice makes better (maybe not perfect)! The two classes I take with Art Trader are super fun and relaxing!

Mermaid Practice sketch page #3

#2 - these might have turned out a little better than the #3 page!

this is a whimsical sketch of an angry cook! Maybe someone left a mess in the kitchen!

The top row have roughly the correct propotions a face should have (draw a circle-ish shape put the eyes half way btween top and bottom, ears a little lower, then nose and mouth). The bottom row has really wonky placement of features- eyes too close together/too far apart, eyes too far up on the head. Haha - a good exercise in whimsy! I'm still looking for my distinct style! Tell me when I find it :)
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Meg said...

Cute! Very whimsical!

I'm so tired I misread your title though... I thought it said "Whiskey and Mermaids." I was wondering why on earth you'd be blogging about whiskey.