11 January 2010

I did art! I did art!

So in the latest issue of Art Trader e-zine (it's free) there was a 10 minute art walkthrough by Sal Scheibe which I did. I didn't think I could acheive good results..but being about to do art in 10 minutes was too good of a lure. So I tried it and was very pleased with the results. Thanks for the great tutorial! I think I'll keep doing these for a bit.

Congrats to the happy new parents Michelle and Paul! Little Adah is beautiful! I'm so happy for you too :)

Update on my clinical schedules to follow later this week. Right now, classes are the most challenging they've been (i honest to goodness study for hours every night), but they are the most awesome they've been yet (so far..the first round of tests is in the next couple of weeks). I'm learning how to be a vet!!!
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