14 December 2009

Eagles Bluff

Chase and I went birding after church this afternoon. Well... Chase went birding and I rode in the car. We only have one pair of binoculars and my camera lens is just the 18-55mm kit lens. That situation will eventually be remedied, but in view of all the loans I've taken out for vet school...taking my notes to study instead of a shiny, new pair of binoculars seemed a more prudent choice. I managed to get through 41 pages of cardiopathology notes. Fabulous....but alas I still did not meet my study-quota for the day.

"We" saw 20-something species: mallards, coots, a wood duck, Northern harrier, red-bellied woodpecker, horned larks, black capped chickadee, cardinal, house sparrows, le conte or nelson sparrow (?)... Anyway, Chase quite enjoyed his trip.

Finals begin this week! I'll study diligently this week, but I'm not going to fret. I'm not at danger at failing any of my classes, and should be able to secure at least a B in all of them. But wish me luck just the same ^_^

Peace and love to all! Leave a comment if you pass by, please ^_^

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Anna said...

Please never stop blogging, my sweet daughter. It is 3:57 in the middle of the night and I am sitting here catching up. This is so much fun!