12 December 2009

Christmas Spirit etc.

So yesterday was the annual ornament exchange party. We played a ridiculous game called Quelf which called for us to do ridiculous things. This is proof that alcohol is NOT necessary to have fun. ^_^

Featuring...Amanda as Santa Clause, Kodii as a boomerang, Jen wearing a helmet, Santana dancing?, and Kodii balancing 2 dogs and an ornament. Now what did I tell Santa I wanted this year?... Well, I said I wanted a house - a house with a big back yard for my dogs, garden, and birdfeeders. A house with walls I can paint... However, a house would probably just mean too much responsibility. Right now, our two misbehaving cars are enough to handle. Although Chase's car's battery was indeed dead, a new battery didn't fix the problem. Now what?

Sadie-roo *proudly* displaying her Christmas costume.

The party-ers.

Just had to sneak in a picture of me and Ruby. It's so worthwhile having a dog, and having 2 dogs is even better. Gary is my well-behaved old greyhound, and Ruby is trouble on 4 legs. It's good to have a troublesome dog - who else could make me laugh so much? She can be so bad, but so funny at the same time. She has (almost) opened presents, taken ornaments off the tree, eaten her dog bowl, raided trash cans, little shredded cardboard boxes leaving the scraps everywhere. Then after her reign of terror she snuggled up next to me - happy as a clown. Of course, Gary can't be out done in the snuggling department so he came to join us - laying down right smack on Ruby...resulting in poor little Ruby's head sticking out from between me and Gary. But she was still as happy as can be - she'd have been wagging her tail if it wasn't underneath 70 pounds of lazy greyhound. Both my dogs bring me so much joy ^_^
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