18 December 2009

Celebrating the Good times!

I just took my last test of 2009 and ended up doing moderately well in all of my classes: 3 Bs and 1 A. I feel quite a sense of accomplishment at that. However, this last semester (more than last year) - I also felt much happier. In the long run, grades really don't mater that much for me (just as long as I learn and pass). It's much more important to enjoy life, celebrate each day, and thank God for all of it. Sometimes, we busy humans forget to take the time to actually enjoy life ^_^Treasured memories from my wedding...

Today I had a nostalgic moment and went and looked at our wedding pictures ^_^

This is one on my most treasured memories from the wedding. After the rehearsal dinner, my bridesmaids and I stayed to make our own bouquets. People had said that making your own bouquets was a bad idea...not a good way to save money, but my experience proved otherwise. We ordered all of our flowers in bulk from Sams. Then we each picked out the flowers we wanted and rapped some ribbon around the stems. They ended up be absolutely beautiful, and the memories of spending that peaceful time together in the midst of chaotic wedding planning is one of my favorite memories!

After the bouquet making - we all just hung out at my parents' house. Also...a good memory.

Right around that time we found Ruby and her puppies. ...

Can you believe this is the same dog? It's amazing what a couple of months of good food and lots of lovin' can do for a dog. I may just be a proud mother-hen, but I think I have one of the prettiest dogs in the nation. She's got such a loving personality too! I have to admit though...she farts under the covers when I let her snuggle with me on the couch. Stinky dog! I'm so glad we found her ^_^

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14 December 2009

Eagles Bluff

Chase and I went birding after church this afternoon. Well... Chase went birding and I rode in the car. We only have one pair of binoculars and my camera lens is just the 18-55mm kit lens. That situation will eventually be remedied, but in view of all the loans I've taken out for vet school...taking my notes to study instead of a shiny, new pair of binoculars seemed a more prudent choice. I managed to get through 41 pages of cardiopathology notes. Fabulous....but alas I still did not meet my study-quota for the day.

"We" saw 20-something species: mallards, coots, a wood duck, Northern harrier, red-bellied woodpecker, horned larks, black capped chickadee, cardinal, house sparrows, le conte or nelson sparrow (?)... Anyway, Chase quite enjoyed his trip.

Finals begin this week! I'll study diligently this week, but I'm not going to fret. I'm not at danger at failing any of my classes, and should be able to secure at least a B in all of them. But wish me luck just the same ^_^

Peace and love to all! Leave a comment if you pass by, please ^_^

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12 December 2009

Save a Greyhound!

Dairyland racing track in Wisconsin will be closing down soon - meaning 100s of greyhounds will need homes and it made me want to help in some way. Since I can't have another dog...

Just in case someone out there stumbles across my blog and happens to be considering a dog, I recommend adopting a greyhound.

Ah, you might be thinking now.."but greyhounds must be so high-energy. I really have no way of dealing with an energetic dog." And you would be absolutely wrong. Greyhounds run 30 second races maybe twice a week. Just take a peek at my greyhound pictures! Does Gary look like a high energy dog? In actuality, greyhound are nicknamed "45 mile per hour couch potatoes," and that is the truth! Although a greyhound get get up to speed in 3 strides, most of them are more than happy to spend their retirement napping away on someone's couch (or dog bed if you prefer). Here's my experience with greyhounds...

I'm not sure when the idea of getting a greyhound entered my mind, but I believe it was sometime during college when I met a greyhound at a Meet and Greet at Petsmart. The kind lady informed me that greyhounds don't stink like other dogs, are very friendly, and can sleep up to 18 hours per day (and all night too). That sounds like a dog for me! So when I graduated college and before heading off to vet school, I put in my application at Greyhound Pets of America - Missouri. I told them I had no preference of color, sex, or age - I just wanted a dog that would be a good dog for a busy, apartment dwelling veterinary student. Luckily for me, Gary happen to be in the Arkansas town I was in. He had been picked up off the streets by animal control. GPA-MO contacted the original adoption agency he had been adopted out with, but they didn't know who his owners were so they decided to adopt him out to someone new. At the time I met him, he was still emaciated and looked a bit moth-eaten but was absolutely lovable. I adored him from the first time I met him (although I thought he was the ugliest "adoptable hound" on the website)

This is the picture GPAMO had posted to their website. Apparently he had just been woken up from a nap before the picture was taken! Of course, I met him in person before signing the adoption agreement.

This is our first meeting. It was love at first site! He is the softest greyhound you will ever pet. Within a couple of weeks, I had officially adopted Gary and we loaded in the car ("Gary get in the car, please") and went to stay with my folks until moving to MO for veterinary school.

At home, Gary became a well-loved member of our household instantly. Rusty, my parents' weeny dog followed him everywhere and tried to snuggle with him. It was adorable, and Gary put up with it like a trooper. We did have some bowel upset, but upon settling in Missouri we discovered a dog food that gives him solid poo 100% of the time (Natura - California Naturals Lamb and Rice).

Now, I'm married and have an additional dog (Ruby), and Gary is still a valuable member of our apartment. I'll be honest he has some problems...

*Thin skin* Greyhounds have thin skin so are prone to getting lots of cuts. Gary fell down the steps one day and banged himself up, but he just stood there and let me bandage him up without a single complaint. Gary didn't even mess with his bandage like most dogs do (that's probably a Gary-thing though and not a general greyhound trait).

*phobias* He gets a little nervous during thunderstorms and goes and lays down in the kitchen or bathroom...or pants by my face. Although I've heard greyhounds can have some odd phobias, only thunderstorms (and other startling noises) seem to phase Gary.

*Teeth*He has atrocious breath and yucky teeth. So if you get a greyhound...if you're not willing to brush his/her teeth everyday, you'll probably have to get your veterinarian to clean them once or twice a year. I admit I don't brush my dog's teeth every day.

*GI* One of Gary's other issues is diarrhea. During the first couple of months, we had multiple bouts of bloody diarrhea - not fun in a carpeted apartment! Luckily that's been easily managed with a mild food (lamb and rice) and regular schedule of walking and feeding.

*Cats* Gary is wonderful with cats. I've even seen a kitten paw his nose and then run off and he didn't care. However, other greyhounds can be more prey-driven. That's something that a good adoption agency will be able to tell you, and something you'll have to monitor. As a future veterinarian, a small-animal friendly dog was a must.

*tail* I'm not sure if this counts as a problem, but Gary wags his tail so hard it periodically hits a corner and bleeds for a bit. This is rather annoying, because I have to scrub blood off the walls... but I can get mad at a dog for wagging his tail! He also had "knocked" on the neighbors door with his tail a couple of times. "Oh sorry...that was just my dog's tail."

Honestly, I wouldn't trade Gary for the world. I'm so glad I got a greyhound, and I want another one so bad.

If you want to know more, or find an adoption agency near you..

Greyhound Pets of America has lots of information!

best wishes! Peace and Love!


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Christmas Spirit etc.

So yesterday was the annual ornament exchange party. We played a ridiculous game called Quelf which called for us to do ridiculous things. This is proof that alcohol is NOT necessary to have fun. ^_^

Featuring...Amanda as Santa Clause, Kodii as a boomerang, Jen wearing a helmet, Santana dancing?, and Kodii balancing 2 dogs and an ornament. Now what did I tell Santa I wanted this year?... Well, I said I wanted a house - a house with a big back yard for my dogs, garden, and birdfeeders. A house with walls I can paint... However, a house would probably just mean too much responsibility. Right now, our two misbehaving cars are enough to handle. Although Chase's car's battery was indeed dead, a new battery didn't fix the problem. Now what?

Sadie-roo *proudly* displaying her Christmas costume.

The party-ers.

Just had to sneak in a picture of me and Ruby. It's so worthwhile having a dog, and having 2 dogs is even better. Gary is my well-behaved old greyhound, and Ruby is trouble on 4 legs. It's good to have a troublesome dog - who else could make me laugh so much? She can be so bad, but so funny at the same time. She has (almost) opened presents, taken ornaments off the tree, eaten her dog bowl, raided trash cans, little shredded cardboard boxes leaving the scraps everywhere. Then after her reign of terror she snuggled up next to me - happy as a clown. Of course, Gary can't be out done in the snuggling department so he came to join us - laying down right smack on Ruby...resulting in poor little Ruby's head sticking out from between me and Gary. But she was still as happy as can be - she'd have been wagging her tail if it wasn't underneath 70 pounds of lazy greyhound. Both my dogs bring me so much joy ^_^
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09 December 2009

Pictures from Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving day was spent in southern Arkansas at my Aunt Polly's and Papa's houses. It was a lot of fun, but felt just a bit different being married!

This is my Aunt Polly - she's been hosting Thanksgiving dinner for as long as I can remember.

Papa, even in his 90s, still builds the best fire! Chase helped carry the heavy wood, but Papa still built the fire (basically without any other help).

We are still the happy newly weds! Doesn't Chase look nice with short hair?

Then we came back to central Arkansas and spent some time with Chase's family. Here are 2 sets of happy newly weds!

I am so very Thankful for my wonderful family (including my inlaws)!

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