21 October 2009

Wedding Dresses and the Beauty of Fall

Today we went shopping for wedding dresses with Santana. Of course, the dress she purchased is not pictured here! I wouldn't reveal the big secret. Needless to say, she look absolutely gorgeous in it. It was a beautiful dress, and it really flattered her. Haha, she got really frustrated with trying a bunch of dresses on....

"ENOUGH!!" This is the rejected dress I called "the beast." It was sooo heavy... not at all good for an outside July wedding!! and it was expensive.

This was a really nice dress too, but we all decided the back of this one wasn't as pretty as the one she purchased.

4 of us accompanied Santana on her search for "the dress" today. I have to say I have a really great group of friends. They may rag each other, but they all really care deeply about each other. Enough that they would go dress shopping with Santana (and me last year) even though they don't really enjoy the whole wedding thing. I'm really grateful for all the time we get to spend together and the supportive influence they provide. However, I also miss my friends from Arkansas. I wish I could have gone with both Megann and Brooke for stuff like this. I know it's just a dress, but getting to share in these types of things (like picking out dresses, veils..) is really fun. Picking out your wedding dress is an important milestone ^_^ Afterall, you have to look at the pictures of you wearing that dress for the rest of your life!

Fall is here!

Even parking lots become photogenic :)

Parents: I can't wait for you guys to visit! You're going to love the fall colors here!

Much love and peace to all my readers. Your continued friendship and support are very valuable in my life. Thanks! Give yourself a hug from me!
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monkmey said...

I love the fall leaf pictures. We are looking forward to the trip. Hugs from all us in Arkansas.