18 September 2009

Pigs, critters, and gas

Random news: Chase and I decided to take the discovery class with The Crossing to see if we want to become members of the church. I'm looking forward to the class. I really like The Crossing.

Happy birthday to Anna, Will, and Sarah this month (although I'm late on 2 out of 3)!

So this week has been busy and stressful for both Chase and me. Firstly, it's already midterm time in the vet school so this week I had a quiz, a presentation, and 3 tests. Chase's lab work is picking up intensity as well. Even though I think it's bordering on unreasonable, he is expected to work in the lab 40 hours a week including one day of the weekend (every week). That's rough! Expectations are extremely high, but I'm sure he will excel!

At Smoker (a party VM2 students throw for the first year vet students) we ate a pig. It was tasty, but I don't generally like it when my food stares at me before I eat it. Very odd indeed...

And this, my friends, is a brown recluse. Perhaps the most useful thing I've learned this semester is how to identify a brown recluse. They are dainty little spiders formerly known as "fiddle backs" because of the fiddle shape on their backs. You might be able to see it if you click on the picture. I keep finding them in the apartment. Apparently wolf spiders eat them...so maybe i need some wolf spiders around (but they look scarier).

This is the finished product of our bedroom. It remains the neatest room in the apartment. Both of us were please with how well everything coordinated ^_^

Today, I took some out of studying to finally set up the bread dough (which involved going to wal-mart) outlined by the bread making book Aunt Kerry gave us. I love bread so I can't wait to actually try my hand at making a loaf. Haha, ever since we moved into the apartment..the empty case has been sitting in my refrigerator - begging to be used ^_^

Saturday is my birthday :)

Well that's all for today folks! God Bless and take care! Goodnight/morning
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Jannae said...

Icky on the spiders! We have black widows here, I hope you get your Landlord to spray soon!!

p.s. the puppies are adorable. Do you ever step on Ruby? Gloria is always under foot.