04 September 2009

Full Speed Ahead

Today completes the second week of school. The second week!!! Tests are back to being near constant events. Luckily my classes are the most interesting they have been yet: Virology, Bacteriology, Pathology, and Parasitology. In the beginning instructional periods my classes covered "normal" animal health...the last one of last school year still had a couple of "normal" and 2 "abnormal." This semester is all about when things go wrong - viruses, parasites, and bacteriology and the pathology they cause! I'm enjoying it, but the constant onslaught of tests will wear me out quickly!

However, marriage is still wonderful. Every morning I wake up, get dressed, take the dogs out, feed the dogs, eat breakfast, see if Chase is awake, make coffee, convince/push Ruby into her crate, and head out the door - portable coffee cups in hand. We tend to run late often so Chase drops me off at the top of the hill, and he goes and parks the car while my first class begins ^_^

Both of our dogs are "in training," but I'd say it's going well. Both of them know "Get in your bed," sit, down, and wait. I just wish I could train them to brush their teeth....

chewing louse

The puppies keeping me company as I study. Haha, they generally follow me around (because I'm the one who feeds and walks them).

Oh! The first round of thank you cards went out. I still have a bunch to go and I'm slowly working on them!
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