30 September 2009

Random Babble - Unfinished thoughts

So at Discovery class today, one of the pastors was questioned on his beliefs about evolution. I agreed with what he said. Basically, he doesn't believe the bible should be taken as a book of science nor does he believe the creation story was literally 7 days (24 hours each). After all the sun and stars were not created until the 4th Day...therefore God's "days" are obviously not our days since we base ours on the sun. Then someone asked if man possibly evolved from something else...what about Adam and Eve? Did they exist? After class, I mentioned that a class I had taken in anthropology stated that at some point in the development of mankind, God chose two people to establish his Covenant with and breathed life into them. It's an interesting theory, but of course, it's just speculation. I mentioned that in the long run it's really unimportant...and didn't really have a chance to qualify why I said it was unimportant. Of course it's important to know that God made the universe and man, but maybe it's not important to understand all of the details. I struggled with that through high school. Some Christians say that evolution is absolutely false and the Genesis story is literal, but as someone trained in biological science...it seems as if the evidence points toward evolution rather than against it (there are still a lot of flaws with the theory of evolution). Eventually I decided
1. I believe the bible to be God's word.
2. The creation in genesis was not meant to be taken as a scientific work - more poetic
3. my understanding of how exactly God created the world is in the end...unnecessary.

I don't have to understand it. With 100% certainty I can say that even if He told me it would be completely beyond my comprehension. HOWEVER, just because I believe in evolution does not minimize the fact that God created everything. I can believe both in evolution and God's creation and the two do not conflict. After I decided that in college/high school, I felt a lot more peace about it..and stopped worrying about it.

The facts I do know are really important and central to my faith:

1. God created the universe
2. God created man in His image and gave mankind freewill.
3. Man undervalued God, overestimated himself, and sinned against God.
4. God is entirely perfect in every way. Therefore imperfection (ie sinful man) cannot be in His presence and live. The penalty is death and eternal separation from God, and Satan stands ready to accuse.
5. Man is utterly incapable of saving himself.
6. God in His infinite mercy sends His perfect, holy Son to pay the penalty so man can be restored God's presence if he accepts Christ as Lord and Savior.
7. Jesus is fully God
8. Jesus is the only way to Heaven.
9. After accepting Jesus, the Holy Spirit dwells within the believer.
10. God is present today and as powerful as He ever was. He still works on the Earth and within the hearts of those that dwell on it.

There are probably some things I'm leaving off that list, and I certainly don't have all the answers. ;) But that sums up what I think is "important."

*sigh* Goodnight! I got my thoughts out and now I'm ready for bed! Sorry for any typos.


Here I am in parasitology...updating my blog before he starts lecturing...

Fall is definitely on the way. There's a crispness in the air and the wind has picked up. So the change of seasons is imminent. I'm ready for fall...but I wish it would just stay fall until spring again! I'm not ready to have scrape the windows every morning. Chase and I have a hard enough time getting out the door on time as it is.

Chase and I are both very busy. Some nights he doesn't even get home until nightfall. I generally have to study most evenings (although sometimes that means just wasting time while i work up the "energy" to study - like tonight).

We're taking the Discovery class at the Crossing. So far we both agree with everything ^_^
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22 September 2009

Cloudy days

Another Plumeria painting...

Today was the second dreary, cloudy day in a row....so naturally have the vet school and I woke up feeling pretty darn grumpy! Today felt like my mind was just as cloudy as the outside. However as the day progressed I exercised a bit and started feeling better. Now Chase and I are sitting down to watch Second Hand Lions... an excellent movie...the perfect way to end a cloudy day.
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21 September 2009

I painted something!

This past weekend, we celebrated my birthday with Pad Thai, Cake, Andies Frozen Custard, and movies and crafts. I painted with my new Twinkling H2Os. They are pretty fun! The twinkle doesn't scan, but the color of the paints was more vivid than I expected (a pleasant surprise).

This week is a mild week....so I need to be on top of things and prepare for the bad weeks coming! We'll see how well my self-discipline works...

Peace to all!
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18 September 2009

Pigs, critters, and gas

Random news: Chase and I decided to take the discovery class with The Crossing to see if we want to become members of the church. I'm looking forward to the class. I really like The Crossing.

Happy birthday to Anna, Will, and Sarah this month (although I'm late on 2 out of 3)!

So this week has been busy and stressful for both Chase and me. Firstly, it's already midterm time in the vet school so this week I had a quiz, a presentation, and 3 tests. Chase's lab work is picking up intensity as well. Even though I think it's bordering on unreasonable, he is expected to work in the lab 40 hours a week including one day of the weekend (every week). That's rough! Expectations are extremely high, but I'm sure he will excel!

At Smoker (a party VM2 students throw for the first year vet students) we ate a pig. It was tasty, but I don't generally like it when my food stares at me before I eat it. Very odd indeed...

And this, my friends, is a brown recluse. Perhaps the most useful thing I've learned this semester is how to identify a brown recluse. They are dainty little spiders formerly known as "fiddle backs" because of the fiddle shape on their backs. You might be able to see it if you click on the picture. I keep finding them in the apartment. Apparently wolf spiders eat them...so maybe i need some wolf spiders around (but they look scarier).

This is the finished product of our bedroom. It remains the neatest room in the apartment. Both of us were please with how well everything coordinated ^_^

Today, I took some out of studying to finally set up the bread dough (which involved going to wal-mart) outlined by the bread making book Aunt Kerry gave us. I love bread so I can't wait to actually try my hand at making a loaf. Haha, ever since we moved into the apartment..the empty case has been sitting in my refrigerator - begging to be used ^_^

Saturday is my birthday :)

Well that's all for today folks! God Bless and take care! Goodnight/morning
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08 September 2009

Video of the doggies!

I just posted a youtube video of Ruby, Gary, and Chase ^_^

04 September 2009

Full Speed Ahead

Today completes the second week of school. The second week!!! Tests are back to being near constant events. Luckily my classes are the most interesting they have been yet: Virology, Bacteriology, Pathology, and Parasitology. In the beginning instructional periods my classes covered "normal" animal health...the last one of last school year still had a couple of "normal" and 2 "abnormal." This semester is all about when things go wrong - viruses, parasites, and bacteriology and the pathology they cause! I'm enjoying it, but the constant onslaught of tests will wear me out quickly!

However, marriage is still wonderful. Every morning I wake up, get dressed, take the dogs out, feed the dogs, eat breakfast, see if Chase is awake, make coffee, convince/push Ruby into her crate, and head out the door - portable coffee cups in hand. We tend to run late often so Chase drops me off at the top of the hill, and he goes and parks the car while my first class begins ^_^

Both of our dogs are "in training," but I'd say it's going well. Both of them know "Get in your bed," sit, down, and wait. I just wish I could train them to brush their teeth....

chewing louse

The puppies keeping me company as I study. Haha, they generally follow me around (because I'm the one who feeds and walks them).

Oh! The first round of thank you cards went out. I still have a bunch to go and I'm slowly working on them!
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