30 August 2009

Pictures of Married Life + 2 Dogs

Ruby is proudly displaying her spay scar. She doesn't seem to be bothered by it, and it looks like it's healing quite well. It's good to know she won't have any more puppies! It was difficult enough to find homes for the three she already had. We also got her microchipped so we can hopefully find her easily if she ever gets lost!

Gary is soaking up some loving and Ruby is jealous! It was pretty cute. She would have laid on top of Gary if he would have let her (he wouldn't). We'll have to try uploading the video of it soon!

On August 25, Chase and I celebrated our 1st month as a married couple. Chase cooked spaghetti from scratch, green beans, and bread. It was quite delicious!

I pulled out the new dishes, wine glasses, candle holders, platter, coasters for the occasion. Aunt Betty donated 2 chairs that actually fit under the table. Haha...we're still finding homes for all of the wedding gifts, and it's fun to start using them! Thanks everybody!
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