07 August 2009

Great Smoky Mountains

The first place we went was Clingman's Dome - the highest point in the Smokys. Of course it was foggy and we could barely see a thing.

Then we set of on some trails. Chase looked at birds, and I took pictures of the critters and flowers.

We drove the Cade's Cove loop and visited all of the historic buildings. It's a beautiful drive, even though we had to stop for traffic every time a rather tame deer was spotted (which was often)

Then we set up camp for our last night on the road. The next day we headed home.
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phobos said...

Don't forget the time we stopped for 10 minutes and actually got out of the car just to be informed that the people in front of us had seen

get this...

a stump.

All hail the mighty black bear stump.