07 August 2009

August 1 - Congaree, King's Mountain, Cowpens

Congaree was probably my favorite National Park we visited during this trip. It's a beautiful swamp and the largest old-growth floodplain left on the continent. Did I mention it has 2.4 miles of boardwalk? I was rather happy that I didn't have to worry about stepping on a snake!

Is Chase deep in thought, lost in the beauty of the majestic trees? Or is he looking for a bird?

I loved the way the trees twisted and curl as they competed for the sunlight.

Our last two stops for the evening were King's Mountain, where the tides turned in favor of the American rebels during the Revolutionary War, and Cowpens, another battle site in the Revolutionary War. We spent a little too much time at King's Mountain...and arrived to Cowpens just in time to get the stamp before the park closed so I didn't learn as much at Cowpens...

After leaving Cowpens, we set off toward the Great Smoky Mountains. We stayed at a hotel in Cherokee, NC right outside of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
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