13 July 2009


We found some puppies abandoned on the side of the road in south Arkansas. They are so cute and their momma is soo sweet!

So we took them home to find homes! I couldn't afford to vaccinate them all, but I at least wanted to deworm them so I scheduled an appointment with Dr. LaVergne at Westrock Animal Hospital. Much to my surprise, he told the vet assistants to draw up vaccines for all 4 of the dogs! He then sent my kennel to be washed. We started vaccinating puppies, and sent them back to get bathed. He radiographed Tripod's poor little gimpy foot (fractured femur) and treated the worms in all 4 dogs. All are heartworm free! YAY! It was very kind of Dr. LaVergne and Westrock to treat all of the puppies for me! It's my "wedding present" from Dr. LaVergne. He even sent me home with a month of heartguard and Frontline for each of the puppies, a little bag of dog food (for each puppy), and meds for their worms! Hopefully I can find them all loving homes now!

Here is Fuzzy Wuzzy (before the bath) - a cute little girl. She found a home with a high school friend today. Yay!

This is Houdini, the only male in the group - one of the vet's family members might take this puppy, but he's still with me so far.

This is Tripod with the broken femur. She is a very sweet little girl that looks just like her momma. She went home with a vet tech today, and hopefully has found a new home (if the grandmother approves).

On the way home from Westrock I stopped to pay for my wedding cake and met a friend from high school there. She said she would check to see if she could have a puppy. Sure enough, she and her mother came and picked up little Fuzzy Wuzzy this evening.

So Momma dog ("RCW") for sure still needs a home, and Houdini *might* need one!
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