30 July 2009


This is the view from the Enchanting Evening, the cabin we stayed at following the wedding. I would really love to go back and spend some time there!

An Enchanting Evening

This is the Redmont Hotel, the oldest hotel in Birmingham, Alambama. We stayed in the honeymoon sweet on the top floor. Our suite took up a fourth of the top floor ^_^ The Redmont opened in 1925.

The next day we set off in the direction of Mobile. We ate dinner at Felix's Fish Camp (one of my favorite restaurants) and stayed in a hotel that overlooked the USS Alabama.

Huge battleship!

We continued our drive into Florida and checked out some forts along the way.

Here we are at the ruins of Fort Pickens...one of my favorite stops.

Now we are in our resort in Myrtle beach. We were hoping to go to the beach this evening, but a storm chased us indoors. Hopefully tomorrow we can be beach bums. ^_^

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Meg said...

Katie...you're kidding about where you stayed in Mobile, right?!?!

Geoff and I stayed in the Battleship Best Western the night of the 26th, before heading to our cruise the next morning.