02 June 2009


This is a card Kodii made for me (in trade for the Chi-weenie card). I realy like the colors ^_^

Today I realized (much to my displeasure) that I outright forgot to take my Immuno quiz. I normally take it in the morning before class, but I was busy studying for another class. I meant to take it in the evening, but forgot. I guess I know which one of quizzes is being dropped! I think I'm more embarrassed that I forgot than upset about the grade. Oh well. Life goes on.

I'm officially 100% sick of going to class. I'm ready for summer break... I guess it's good this semester is relatively "light" (ie no anatomy), and there's at least 1 course that I really like - Pathology. The teachers are very organized and give clear lectures. Furthermore, the Path professors test over what was taught in class! I really like it ^_^

1 month and a couple of weeks until the wedding! I can't wait for Chase's company here!

In other news after eating Carrot Cake for most meals (as the main course with sides of yogurt, pretzels, and mac and cheese) f0r a couple of days, I finally made it to Wal-mart for more food. 0nce again, I bought vegetables and fresh fruit in hopes I can eat it before it all goes bad! I wish I could order single serving size fresh produce from the internet and have it delivered once a week. Nothing makes me more angry than having to throw out food b/c I couldn't finish it by myself! On the menu for this week is Pad Thai (recipe on side bar), mushrooms, grapes, bananas, and strawberries. I've thrown out an almost full bag of mushrooms at least 3 times, but I bought them again anyway. Frozen bananas are stacking up in my freezer. I also need to eat the 2 potatoes I bought last week before they grow sprouts ^_^

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phobos said...

Is that supposed to be Gary with a mane?

*scratches his head*Oh well, I love youuuu!