16 June 2009

Wedding Shoes and other random apartment things

I purchased some decorative boxes from Michael's. They were just too cute.. I couldn't resist.

My desk...mid project. I started an art journal ^_^ the first page is a work in progress. Hehe...you can see my wedding shoes sitting under my desk. NO...I don't paint wearing my wedding shoes. I just happen to be prancing about in them and they ended up there. Why the shoes? well..they are the only thing in Missouri with me! Soon the shoes will return to their box in my closet. Also, my Pink Tricycle box is setting on my desk.

These are some more of my box purchases. They match my room so... I just had to get them too!

Two more boxes....

I use one of them to store my growing ATC collection. ^_^

No more tests this week! So I can watch movies and paint for the rest of the evening! Hooray! Haha, it's not as good as going home or to visit Chase, but much better than studying! Maybe I'll even do some yoga...

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