04 June 2009

Rearrangement and Phobias

I decided this past weekend to rearrange my room...nothing too drastic. I think it flows better now ^_^

I flipped my bed and switched my two desks. I gave me more open space in the center of the room.

Computer and print station. I moved the calender and bulletin board to the closet, and put up this picture who was painted by a friend ^_^ Bulletin boards are just asking for cutter!

Study space. This is where I'm sitting now ^_^ It's a nice tall desk with plenty of space to write. I added the picture from last Thanksgiving so it doesn't feel so lonely sitting at my desk.

I also hung some pictures in the common room. The tree painting (by the same friend mentioned above) will probably be moved to the master bedroom. Haha, a friend is donating her queen bed to us (b/c they are upgrading to a king). So now we can leave the red room as a guest bedroom/work space!

In other news, I've found myself growing paranoid about random things....like spiders. Last week, I kept finding spiders everywhere. 2 in the shower...2 in the kitchen...and 1 staring at me on my pillow!!!! I'm not sure the last one on my pillow was real or not...because when I turned on the light and tore apart my bed looking for the critter, I found nothing. This was also motivation for rearranging my room...b/c it gave me opportunity to vacuum under everything and check the corners.

The second phobia..is forming a blood clot. This may perhaps be a ludicrous phobia for a healthy twenty something year old, but one of the medications I'm on has caused clots in hundreds of otherwise healthy individuals. If you google this drug, all that comes up is all the websites of lawyers trying to "help" people who've formed clots from it (which is quite irritating, b/c all of their information is clearly skewed and lacks proper references) Of course it doesn't help that we covered distubances in hemostasis and circulation in depth with graphic images in Pathology. Sometimes she couldn't find animal pictures...so she used human organs (like the brain of a stroke patient). I wish I could see inside my body (humans aren't that different from animals right?)...or do health checks like my computer does. "All organ systems are functioning normally today. 2 recommended updates. Your battery life only has 10% remaining - recommend rest or coffee. Total hard drive capacity remaining 30%" I'm thinking about calling my doctor today and seeing what she thinks (to talk me out of this madness or switches meds). With all that being said, it really is remarkable how the body is able to heal. It's really quite amazing!
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phobos said...

Switching your hormones up so much can't be good. She will probably counsel you to stay where you are unless you feel something serious going on inside.

Also, you flipped your bed and switched your desks, which gave GARY more open space in the center of the room.

Finally, don't worry babe. I will get all the spiders.

Katie said...

You aren't here to get the spiders yet! I am the spider-bane...I have no problem ruthlessly squishing them.