17 June 2009

Purple Hair girl

Purple Hair Girl ATC

Purple Hair Girl started in highschool...during senior studio. She was a projection of myself - a sort of self portrait. In high school, I never really felt like I fit in... like there was something strange about me. It was like I had purple hair. Mind you, I didn't have purple hair (most of the time), but sometimes I felt like I did. I suppose the idea came from Governor's school, where I really did dye my hair purple. But it was hardly noticeable because my hair is almost black, but it did give my hair a purple glow when I was in the sunlight.

However, purple hair girl has found a lifelong companion and many friends...and has grown to understand her introversion (not at all the same thing as being shy!).

I am much more at peace with who I am now than I ever was in high school ^_^

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