13 June 2009

More ATCs

I got permission today to upload more ATCs I've recieved in the mail ^_^ These two cards are by Acacia.rose. Both are very nice!

The Pink Panther from an 80s themed trade!

And "French Fancies, " a collaged card ^_^

In other news, I had my follow up appointment to the leg pain today. Because of other various and sundry symptoms, the doc thought pernicious anemia sounded much more likely than a blood clot (which he "promises" isn't the problem). So we did some blood work, RBCs look normal (not too large and not too small...just right) and everything else was normal except for a slightly elevated lymphocyte count. He wasn't particularly concernd about it. Haha...he basically said there's definitely something going on with you right now, but it's not too serious. If it gets worse, come back. He didn't say it, but I think his diagnosis was homesick, stressed out VM2. He kept asking me about how stressed I felt about school, the wedding, traveling...

Our student heath center is really nice! I haven't had to pay for a single visit yet...and I didn't have to pay for the blood work today either. Just as a random note, vitamin B12 deficiency causes your red blood cells to become larger (macrocytic)...as in pernicious anemia. An iron defeciency, on the other hand, causes a microcytic anemia. Niether one of these things describes my RBCs ^_^ So it's good news I don't have a clot, or anemia, or any other blood related maladies. However, I still feel lousy today - tired and queezy. Of course it's possible, i'm just mentally exhausted...17 years of training that summer = break time doesn't yield well to change in that schedule!
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