09 June 2009

More ATCs and Conundrums of Science

This lovely light house is by MeMeBev

Waterfall - by MoonRose442

Now, what is this odd looking bulb doing on my blog? Well...if you look closely at the coil, you can notice a slight irregularity in the center. If my car bounces, or I shut the hood the light turns on or off as the ends connect or disconnect. Regardless, it is no longer in my car as it has been replaced with a brand spankin new bulb. Please be at peace officers. It's fixed now!

This is one of the only pictures from my weekend visit to Chase. Poor, hard working guy! It was neat once he got the machine set up and a scan running, but a tedious pain setting it up! May all your nanotubes line up perfectly for photographs in the future. 1 month 2 weeks and 2 days until we tie the knot!
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