27 June 2009

Another Hairy Visitor, E. coli Coookies, and the answer to awkward tan lines in strapless dresses

Another rather large, hairy visitor alighted on my front porch today. Not quite as big as the Cecropia moth but the Pandora Sphinx is a large moth just the same!

These are the E. coli cookies... yes they are the cookies that have been recalled due to E. coli. I decided to keep them and eat them despite the recall. Why?

1. My friends and I ate half of the dough at an icecream party. AND we ate it raw. None of use became seriously ill.
2. I eaten more since then...raw.
3. E. coli is killed when cooked (and I cooked them this time).
4. I didn't want to think of all that dough just getting thrown out.
5. 66 people have gotten sick since March and no E. coli has been actually cultured from the dough (that I've heard of).
6. America could use some immulogic toughening up. That includes me!
7. I'm almost out of food, and I don't want to go to the grocery or walmart!

I've been jogging/walking more lately now that the weather is warm. Unfortunately, that's resulted in spaghetti strap tan lines that cannot be there 28 days from now! In order to solve this I figured I really had only a couple of options.
1. Stop running. However, this was quickly written off as a bad idea b/c I need the exercise...and I'd probably just get t-shirt tan lines from walking to class anyway.
2. Tan. Normally, I care nothing about tanning and avoid it like any health profession nerd...but considering my upcoming wedding, I decided in this case that tanning would be my best option! I'm going to try to even out the tan lines I already have. and wear sunscreen on my jogs. Accordingly, I purchased a strapless bikini today along with some sunscreen. 10 minutes of strapless tanning and sunscreened jogs should hopefully solve the problem of awkward tan lines and wedding gowns!

I should be home within the week! Only 28 days until Chase and I tie the knot!!!! Unbelievable!

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Meg said...

Cute bikini!

I think I might be home this next weekend, so if you're home then and you have a bit of free time, let me know!