27 June 2009

Another Hairy Visitor, E. coli Coookies, and the answer to awkward tan lines in strapless dresses

Another rather large, hairy visitor alighted on my front porch today. Not quite as big as the Cecropia moth but the Pandora Sphinx is a large moth just the same!

These are the E. coli cookies... yes they are the cookies that have been recalled due to E. coli. I decided to keep them and eat them despite the recall. Why?

1. My friends and I ate half of the dough at an icecream party. AND we ate it raw. None of use became seriously ill.
2. I eaten more since then...raw.
3. E. coli is killed when cooked (and I cooked them this time).
4. I didn't want to think of all that dough just getting thrown out.
5. 66 people have gotten sick since March and no E. coli has been actually cultured from the dough (that I've heard of).
6. America could use some immulogic toughening up. That includes me!
7. I'm almost out of food, and I don't want to go to the grocery or walmart!

I've been jogging/walking more lately now that the weather is warm. Unfortunately, that's resulted in spaghetti strap tan lines that cannot be there 28 days from now! In order to solve this I figured I really had only a couple of options.
1. Stop running. However, this was quickly written off as a bad idea b/c I need the exercise...and I'd probably just get t-shirt tan lines from walking to class anyway.
2. Tan. Normally, I care nothing about tanning and avoid it like any health profession nerd...but considering my upcoming wedding, I decided in this case that tanning would be my best option! I'm going to try to even out the tan lines I already have. and wear sunscreen on my jogs. Accordingly, I purchased a strapless bikini today along with some sunscreen. 10 minutes of strapless tanning and sunscreened jogs should hopefully solve the problem of awkward tan lines and wedding gowns!

I should be home within the week! Only 28 days until Chase and I tie the knot!!!! Unbelievable!

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21 June 2009

Today ^_^

Gary got a bath today at the dog wash. He was not amused.

Then I got my eyebrows fixed up... This is a bad angle for the eyebrows... but oh well!

Then we went to go see The Proposal...which was great! Great movie!

And my roomie came up for the day and brought her dog Layla. What a sweetie!

Now I'm hearing all about Lauren and Will's Wedding ^_^

Congrats you two!
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17 June 2009

Purple Hair girl

Purple Hair Girl ATC

Purple Hair Girl started in highschool...during senior studio. She was a projection of myself - a sort of self portrait. In high school, I never really felt like I fit in... like there was something strange about me. It was like I had purple hair. Mind you, I didn't have purple hair (most of the time), but sometimes I felt like I did. I suppose the idea came from Governor's school, where I really did dye my hair purple. But it was hardly noticeable because my hair is almost black, but it did give my hair a purple glow when I was in the sunlight.

However, purple hair girl has found a lifelong companion and many friends...and has grown to understand her introversion (not at all the same thing as being shy!).

I am much more at peace with who I am now than I ever was in high school ^_^

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16 June 2009

Wedding Shoes and other random apartment things

I purchased some decorative boxes from Michael's. They were just too cute.. I couldn't resist.

My desk...mid project. I started an art journal ^_^ the first page is a work in progress. Hehe...you can see my wedding shoes sitting under my desk. NO...I don't paint wearing my wedding shoes. I just happen to be prancing about in them and they ended up there. Why the shoes? well..they are the only thing in Missouri with me! Soon the shoes will return to their box in my closet. Also, my Pink Tricycle box is setting on my desk.

These are some more of my box purchases. They match my room so... I just had to get them too!

Two more boxes....

I use one of them to store my growing ATC collection. ^_^

No more tests this week! So I can watch movies and paint for the rest of the evening! Hooray! Haha, it's not as good as going home or to visit Chase, but much better than studying! Maybe I'll even do some yoga...

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15 June 2009

Some ATCs I colored recently

Apron for a PIF. This is one of my favorite cards yet ^_^

Captured Mermaid...she is not so happy.


Ugh. I think my ability to study has been disabled...does anyone have an antidote? At least tomorrow's test in Pathology is just a dumbed down repeat of what we've had in Immunology... At least I hope so!


ATC to do list:
2 fish
1 big eyed
1 My Little Pony
1 Crow/Raven
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Personality Change

ISFJ - "Conservator". Desires to be of service and to minister to individual needs - very loyal. 13.8% of total population.
Free Jung Personality Test (similar to Myers-Briggs/MBTI)

I just took two different websites' tests and they came up the the same result. I used to be an ISTP...apparently my personality has changed ^_^ It happens. I should be focusing on the lecture at this particular moment, but I don't particularly care at this time. Sorry... it's either this or sleep during class, and sleep is more obvious!

Brain Lateralization Test Results
Right Brain (44%) The right hemisphere is the visual, figurative, artistic, and intuitive side of the brain.
Left Brain (64%) The left hemisphere is the logical, articulate, assertive, and practical side of the brain
Are You Right or Left Brained?(word test)
personality tests by similarminds.com

And now...it's time for that daily event...pretending I care about school (when at the moment I don't).

In other news...I hit the ATC jack pot today. I got 4 cards in the mail, and the traders were lovely enough to send extra goodies (ATC supplies) I might post pictures later (if I get permission) ^_^

14 June 2009

Cecropia Moth - a rather large visitor

As I was on my way out the door, I was startled to see this very large bug on my door frame. She is by far the biggest bug I have ever seen, and that includes my time spend in Costa Rica!

She is a Cecropia Moth, a type of silk moth and the largest moth in North America. I know it is "she" because her antennae are less fuzzy than a male's, and her body is nice and plump.

I was delighted to see such a beautiful creature, and photograph her. She was gone when I returned ^_^

My hand is level with her.

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13 June 2009

More ATCs

I got permission today to upload more ATCs I've recieved in the mail ^_^ These two cards are by Acacia.rose. Both are very nice!

The Pink Panther from an 80s themed trade!

And "French Fancies, " a collaged card ^_^

In other news, I had my follow up appointment to the leg pain today. Because of other various and sundry symptoms, the doc thought pernicious anemia sounded much more likely than a blood clot (which he "promises" isn't the problem). So we did some blood work, RBCs look normal (not too large and not too small...just right) and everything else was normal except for a slightly elevated lymphocyte count. He wasn't particularly concernd about it. Haha...he basically said there's definitely something going on with you right now, but it's not too serious. If it gets worse, come back. He didn't say it, but I think his diagnosis was homesick, stressed out VM2. He kept asking me about how stressed I felt about school, the wedding, traveling...

Our student heath center is really nice! I haven't had to pay for a single visit yet...and I didn't have to pay for the blood work today either. Just as a random note, vitamin B12 deficiency causes your red blood cells to become larger (macrocytic)...as in pernicious anemia. An iron defeciency, on the other hand, causes a microcytic anemia. Niether one of these things describes my RBCs ^_^ So it's good news I don't have a clot, or anemia, or any other blood related maladies. However, I still feel lousy today - tired and queezy. Of course it's possible, i'm just mentally exhausted...17 years of training that summer = break time doesn't yield well to change in that schedule!
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10 June 2009

ATC for a certain someone

I really should start studying now...but I don't want to!
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09 June 2009

More ATCs and Conundrums of Science

This lovely light house is by MeMeBev

Waterfall - by MoonRose442

Now, what is this odd looking bulb doing on my blog? Well...if you look closely at the coil, you can notice a slight irregularity in the center. If my car bounces, or I shut the hood the light turns on or off as the ends connect or disconnect. Regardless, it is no longer in my car as it has been replaced with a brand spankin new bulb. Please be at peace officers. It's fixed now!

This is one of the only pictures from my weekend visit to Chase. Poor, hard working guy! It was neat once he got the machine set up and a scan running, but a tedious pain setting it up! May all your nanotubes line up perfectly for photographs in the future. 1 month 2 weeks and 2 days until we tie the knot!
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08 June 2009

Cards from Sunswirlgirl

Here are two more cards I got from trades ^_^

I need to try doing something in collage. I really like this card ^_^

and this is a greyhound ^_^ He's a fawn color like gary.

Both are from SunSwirlGirl
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ATCs by others

Here are some of the ATCs I've received from ATCsforALL trades and stuff ^_^

The top left is by PlatinumHoney21.
The top right is by RobbyGirl.
The bottom two are by SueatBWP.

I'll post some more that I've recieved as I get permission from the artists! I've recieved about a dozen cards now and I really enjoy flipping through my collection ^_^ One of the reasons I love trading ATCs is because it feels like a connection to people. Art is a very personal thing, and it takes courage to share your art. Everyone has their own experiences, tastes, and techiniques ...but all the cards are a beautiful expression of the personality of the artists.

It's great fun!
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The last of my ATCs

These are playing around with marker and colored pencils ^_^

This is a little fairy ^_^

In other news, I had a nice weekend. I got to see Chase, and we got a lot done: had Zales clean my ring, updated the Target registry, found my name on the sidewalk, ate out 3 times, and went looking for birds ^_^ I was so happy to be able to see him!

Now I have to pretend to be interested in school, but I'm not...and pretending isn't working!
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Some New ATCs

These are all original watercolors by me ^_^

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05 June 2009

An Odd Mood...

Yesterday I was able to finish some cards ^_^ I've decided I'm not very good with humans as a paint subject.

These are for a mermaid themed swap that I haven't signed up for yet...guess I might as well now.

5 letter word swap: "Share"

5 letter word swap: "Angel"

In other news, I can't make up my mind if I should go to F-ville or not. My common sense says I need to rest, save money, and study. But....I really want to see Chase. It's quite a conundrum! Why does UA have to be so far away?

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