10 May 2009

The rest of the AR adventure

To keep me company on the long drive, Santana accompanied me. Megann met us at the cabin and we had a little sleepover.

So none of us slept very well.... Megann and I woke up hot...so we turned the AC on. The noise of the AC woke Santana up, so she turned it off and opened the windows. By that point it was about 4 AM. I think the other two managed to fall asleep, but I lay staring at the clock thinking about how quickly time passes and change occurs. Finally at 6, I decide it's ridiculous to sit there and try to sleep, which is obviosly evading me completely. BUT coffee isn't ready at the main lodge until 7:15...so I tried again to sleep. At 8 we get up and eat the delicious home cooked breakfast that is part of the stay in these little cabins. I guess it was worth it for the breakfast :)

However, I'm exhausted now...completely and 100% worn out. I'm wondering if 6:30 is a reasonable time to go to bed...because I am pretty sure I could easily fall asleep now. I was feeling pretty grumpy earlier. I was feeling lonely and thinking about all the things i have to do this week and the fact that I accidentally locked myself out of my online banking, and it just put me in a feeling-sorry-for-myself mood. However, I sat down with a bowl of cereal and looked outside to see the damage done on my bird feeders while away... and look who made an appearance! I'm pretty sure this a Baltimore Oriole! I had oranges out for him all of last week, but i threw them out before heading back to AR. I put some more oranges out with some grape jelly in hopes he'll come back with friends. Seeing him cheered me up quite a bit. I'm still exhausted, but seeing a pretty bird like this makes it a little better. Hahaha....the birds have almost emptied the finch sock and have eaten all of the suet. I'll have to get some more this week!

Also, grades were posted...well at least the last remaining unknown grade was posted...my last semester of anatomy.

****drumroll please****

Epidemiology - A (yay for math!)

Repro Phys - B

Immunology - B


I can't believe I made a B!!!! It's the icing on cake! I was happy enough just knowing I NEVER have to take first year anatomy again!

I wish you all a happy mother's day and a good week!

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