01 May 2009

First Year Veterinary Medicine

So why are vets so expensive? ...

This is one year of vet school books....The average text book costs $150... Notice the pathologic basis of veterinary disease book. It literally weighs over 15 pounds. I weighed it!

Two of my finals were today, and both went reasonably well. I made a B and an A in Repro and Epidemiology, respectively. So that's not to shabby. So far this semester has been happier than last semester, and it's not just because of grades.

I wish you could absorb information by transfusion or upload it like you sync an ipod.

I've really enjoyed watching the birds at my feeder lately. One reason I like watching them so much is they are so unconcerned about grades and planning weddings etc. They just go about their business, happy as can be. The other main reason I enjoy watching them is they remind me of my family, who I probably won't get to see for another month. It also gives me something to talk about with them...not that we have nothing to talk about. I feel like I talk to much about my school, but it's really hard not to. Besides we're covering avian anatomy now, and I think it's really cool! Birds are so weird. Haha, I hope I don't bore too many people with my rambling about their physiology and anatomy.

I wish Chase was here so he could watch the birds with me. He would like it too. 2 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days until we tie the knot! Hooray!
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phobos said...

After we're married, I wonder if down-on-their-luck undergrad students (or other grad students) will rob us of our textbooks so they can pay rent and stuff...that would be both tragic and ironic.