29 May 2009

Critter painting rampage

This has been a rather stressful week...with close calls for George, Luigi, and Papa! Keep all 3 of them in your prayers. All are on their way to recovery, but gave us quite a scare in all cases!

I went on a painting rampage yesterday and painted a bunch of critters.

These were supposed to be for a big eyed critter themed swap (so yes the eyes are all wrong on purpose), but I don't think I can give them up. I'll have to try painting someone else's dogs or some other critters for the swap (if I choose to partcipate). I think Baily and Rusty (who looks completely guilty) are my favorites. Luigi was super hard to paint, and Haley looks like an alien.

Snails and a catepillar.

Blue Crowned Conures for a personalized trade and a PIF ^_^

And now I'm letting my creativity recharge by taking a break from painting (as long as i can stand it). I also need to study for my bazillion upcoming exams.
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